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Tour Code: 0001-7

14 Days Around Taiwan

  • Drive over the Central Mountains reaching altitudes of up to 3275m

  • Be amazed by the stunning ocean views at Taiwan's East Coast

  • Explore the marvelous Taroko Gorge with its narrow winding streams and gigantic marble walls

  • Enjoy a bicycle tour along the emerald green waters of Sun Moon Lake

  • Visit the mountainous Alishan landscapes covered with beautiful tea plantations

  • Relax at Kenting's top notch beaches or explore tropical forests at Kenting National Park

  • Gain insight into Taiwan's daily life in the major cities of Kaohsiung and Taipei


US$ xxx /pax

including accommodation for 4 nights, private RT airport transfers, English-speaking driver guide for days 2-5, admission fees, insurance



Day 1: Taoyuan Airport - Taipei (-/-/-)

➣ Arrival at Taoyuan Int'l Airport
➣ Welcoming by your private driver
➣ Transfer to Taipei & check in at hotel

➣ Time for first explorations & relaxing from the flight

Taipei 101 1 WH.jpg
CKS Memorial Hall 1 TTB.jpg

Day 2: Taipei (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Taipei City Tour with an English-speaking tour guide

    (traveling on foot and by metro)

➣ Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Taipei 101 (observatory ticket not included)

➣ Chiang Kai-Shek Liberty Square

➣ Ximending District

➣ Return to hotel

149 km (~3 hrs)

Day 3: Taipei - Taroko (B/-/-)

➣ Pick up rental car at AVIS Songde Station

➣ Drive along the East Coast to Taroko National Park

➣ Taroko National Park Boundary Marker

➣ Qingshui Cliffs

➣ Eternal Spring Shrine

➣ Changuang Temple, Suspension Bridge & Bell Tower

➣ Check in at hotel near Taroko Gorge


Day 4: Taroko & Hualien (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Shakadang Trail

➣ Buluowan Terrace & Mountain Moon Bridge

➣ Taroko Gorge: Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail

➣ Qixingtan Beach

➣ (Hualien Dongdamen Night Market)

➣ Return to hotel

Taroko Gorge 1 TTB.jpg

Day 5: Taroko - Sun Moon Lake (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel

➣ Taroko Gorge: Yanzikou Trail (Swallow Grotto)
➣ Drive over the Central Mountain Range

➣ Bilu Sacred Tree

➣ Hehuan Mountain - Wuling

➣ Qingjing Sky Walk

➣ Check in at hotel next to Sun Moon Lake


162 km (~5 hrs)

Day 9: Alishan - Kenting (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Drive to Fo Guang Shan Monastery

➣ Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

➣ Proceed to Kenting National Park

➣ Check in at hotel in Kenting

➣ Kenting Street Night Market

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum 1 TTB.jpg

248 km (~4 hrs)

Day 10: Kenting (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel

➣ Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

➣ (Wanlitong Snorkeling Center)

➣ White Sand Bay

➣ Return to hotel

White Sand Bay 1 WH.JPG

Day 11: Kenting (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Shadao Ecological Reserve

➣ Eluanbi Lighthouse Park

➣ Longpan Park

➣ Little Bay

➣ Return to hotel

Eluanbi Park 4 TTB.jpg

Day 12: Kenting - Kaohsiung (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel

➣ Drive to Kaohsiung City

➣ Lotus Pond - Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

➣ Return rental car at AVIS Zuoying Station

➣ Transfer to hotel by taxi

➣ Check in at hotel in Kaohsiung

➣ Love River

Lotus Pond 1 TTB.jpg

120 km (~2 hrs 15 mins)

Day 13: Kaohsiung (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Kaohsiung Monkey Mountain

➣ Sizihwan - Shaved Ice

➣ Pier 2 Art Center

➣ Return to hotel


Day 14: Kaohsiung - Taoyuan Airport (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel

➣ Free time for leisure

➣ Private transfer to Zuoying HSR Station

➣ Take Highspeed Railway (HSR) to Taoyuan

➣ Transfer to Taoyuan Int'l Airport (by metro 30 min,

by taxi 15 min)

➣ Take flight back

Kaohsiung Harbor 2 TTB.jpg

Day 6: Sun Moon Lake (-/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Boat trip from Ita Thao Village to Shuishe Pier
➣ Bicycle tour along the shore of Sun Moon Lake

➣ Wenwu Temple

➣ Ita Thao Village

➣ Return to hotel

Wenwu Temple 5 WH.jpg

Day 7: Sun Moon Lake - Alishan (B/-/-)

➣ Breakfast at hotel
➣ Cien Pagoda
➣ Yoshan Tea House
➣ Drive to Alishan (March-April is Cherry Blossom Season, April-May is Firefly Season)

➣ Check in at leisure farm on Alishan

➣ Discover the nearby tea plantations on foot

Cien Pagoda 1 TTB.jpg

112 km (~3 hrs 15 mins)

Day 8: Alishan (B/-/-)

➣ Shizhao Tea Trails (Shizhao Visitor Center - Sunset Trail - Tea Trail - Cloud Trail)

➣ Fenqihu Scenic Area & Fenqihu Old Street (not recommended on weekends)
➣ Return to leisure farm

Shizhuo Trails 2 TTB.jpg


Amba Songshan (Taipei) or similar





Day 1-3 (2N)

Medium Room

Taroko Mountain Dream B&B or similar





Day 3-5 (2N)

Double Room with Mountain View

Lealea Garden Hotel Sun or similar





Day 5-7 (2N)

Superior Room (Mountain)

Longyun Leisure Farm or similar





Day 7-9 (2N)

Cypress Double Room

Hotel Day+ Kenting or similar





Day 9-12 (3N)

Elegant Room

Fullon Hotel (Kaohsiung) or similar





Day 12-14 (2N)

Superior Room

Mountain Dream B&B.jpg

Price (US$)

2 pax

$xxx /pax

3 pax

$xxx /pax

4 pax

$xxx /pax

5 pax

$xxx /pax

6 pax

$xxx /pax

7 pax

$xxx /pax



  • 13 nights hotel accommodation at above mentioned accommodations (or similar categories)

  • Daily breakfast at the accommodation (buffet or set meal)

  • Welcoming at the airport and private transfer to hotel in Taipei City (day 1)

  • Walking tour through Taipei City with an English-speaking tour guide and Metro tickets included (day 2)

  • Private transfer from the hotel in Kaohsiung to the Zuoying Highspeed Railway Station (day 14)

  • Highspeed Railway ticket from Zuoying (Kaohsiung) to Taoyuan

  • Rental car inclusive of Wi-fi router or GPS system from day 3 (morning) to day 12 (evening) 


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